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Electric Breastmilk Pump/Milk Extractor Online in UAE

A feeding mother has her particular needs, and even though there are many breast pump options, not all will meet the needs of every mother. As a result, when buying a breast pump make sure that you know the factors to mull over, based on your needs.

Dr A-Z electric breast milk pump/extractor is the most popular device because mothers can select their preferred speed and suction level. There are two types of pumps: a single one and the double electric breast pumps. Dr A-Z electric breast pump/extractor is more efficient comes with standard glass bottle for milk storage, thus saving time. Glass bottle can be entirely disassembled and cleaned without any leaving spots or corners intact. Its suction mode has nine gear suction regulations.

There are lots of other options to buy electric breast milk pumps online in UAE available on online platform. The selected item will either run on batteries or plugged into a wall outlet. Some feature both options for operating the device.

How it Works

This electric breast milk pump/extractor offers nine gears of suction. The variable gears are designed to meet the pumping needs of every mother, even those with inverted nipples, and increase and weaken the suction feature. It allows a woman to adjust and simulate to correctly mimic their baby’s nursing pattern.

Pros and Cons

  • A handy item with the easy and protected carrying
  • Lightweight breast pump
  • Soft plastic and design is easy to handle
  • It comes with a glass bottle which makes the milk storage easier
  • Very quiet
  • Durable electric pump take out milk faster
  • Rechargeable battery or Plugged in function
  • Easy setting and use
  • Watch tracks the duration spent pumping milk
  • Available to buy from online, this is a very convenient option
  • No storage bag or carrying case provided with the item
  • Need to carry glass bottle carefully
  • The battery takes longer to charge
  • Only get three hours of pumping once fully charged

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Product Description

While enjoying the pleasure of being a mother, you should also know when to nurse your baby. It doesn't depend on how much milk you have in your breasts, but whether your child is
hungry or not. At this time, you need a breast pump to store your milk.

eBought breast pump is a good choice. Pump using FDA approved PP material, BPA free. It can be completely disassembled for cleaning without dead ends.
The air is completely isolated from mother's milk and is very hygienic and safe.
You can massage your breasts with a prolactin mode and then it provides 9 suction to suck the milk. It's just like a baby sucking your milk.
It's very quiet and makes you feel very natural. The milk flow one-way designing, effectively avoid contamination.
The standard bottle mouth allows you use your bottle to store your milk. eBought pump can solve the problem of rising milk pain, which makes you feed your child more scientific.
As a small but useful gift, eBought breast pump hopes every mom can enjoy feeding your baby.

1 x Breast Pump
1 x Nipple with Lid
1 x USB Cable
1 x Users Manual

1. Disinfect with boiling water or steam for 5 minutes before using
2. The milk that has been absorbed should be refrigerated immediately
3. Heating in warm water slowly. Once thawed, it should be used within 24 hours
4. Do not refreeze the thawed milk
5. Do not mix fresh milk with stored milk

Product Feature

Safe and Hygiene - PP material, FDA approved, BPA free. The bottle can be completely disassembled and cleaned without any blind corners. The exhaust film completely isolates the air from the emulsion to avoid contamination
Bionic Milk Absorbtion - The prolactin mode helps mother have a better lactation. The suction mode has 9 gear suction regulation. The process is like mouth sucking. One way flow design also avoids the contamination caused by milk reflux
Friendly to Mom - It's mom's good helper. It can solve the pain of rising milk, milk storage, child milk moss problem. Mon, please just enjoy the pleasure of being a mother
Standard Bottle Neck - It's standard bottle mouth. You can use your familiar bottle to store your milk
Packaging - 1 x Breast Pump, 1 x Nipple with Lid, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x Users Manual, 24 Months Warranty

Product Information

Shipping pack Dimensions 5 x 4 x 3 inches
Shipping pack weight 1.2 pounds
BindingBaby Product
Manufacturer Vakey
Studio Vakey
Product Group Baby Product
Publisher Vakey
Package Quantity 1
Color Black
EAN List 0614024729528
UPC List 614024729528

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