Rhapis excelsa “Lady Palm سيدة النخيل or Miniature Fan Palm” 80 – 100cm


Rhapis excelsa “Lady Palm سيدة النخيل or Miniature Fan Palm” 80 – 100cm

Max Height: 1.5-5m

Spread: 1-2m

Origin: S. China

Family: Arecaceae/ Palmae

Common Name: Lady Palm, Miniature Fan Palm

Flower Colour: Inconspicuous

Drought Tolerance: Medium

Salinity Tolerance: Low

Sun Tolerance: Low

Wind Tolerance: Low

Water Requirement: Medium

PH level: Basic

Pest Tolerance: High

Disease Tolerance: High

Fragrance: No


Rhapis excelsa

Common name of Rhaphis excelsa is lady palm سيدة النخيل or miniature fan palm. Small, clump-forming palm with slender, erect, bamboo- or reed-like stems. The long-stalked, deeply lobed, lustrous, dark green leaves, 20-30cm long, each have 3-10 broadly to narrowly lance-shaped, puckered lobes. Tiny, bowl-shaped cream flowers are borne in panicles, to 12cm long, among the leaves, in summer.


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